Kombucha, Probiotics And Love

Kombucha, Probiotics And Love
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.


Sometimes I think I live in a bubble. A bubble where things like tempeh, chlorella, kombucha and chia seeds are common parts of life.

Then someone will ask me what kombucha is and I’ll remember that they’re not as common as I think they are.

Ok so kombucha is a drink, that’s naturally fermented and has probiotic cultures in it. It’s started with juice and/or tea – something with sugars to feed the probiotics.

This is awesome because the sugars get mostly broken down, but it’s still super flavorful and somewhat sweet, and the probiotics make the drink naturally effervescent (aka fizzy).

My dad’s comment when he tried mine was that it tasted ‘alive’. I think that’s a pretty good description – it is a raw live culture, plus it makes you feel pretty energized.

Kombucha is becoming more common, and a few brands have gotten distribution across North America. The one I see most often is GT’s, and they have lots of fantastic flavors. GT's Kombucha

Another thing I really like about GT’s is that they have little quotes from other kombucha drinkers on the side.

One of my main goals – in my work and in my life – is to spread more positive energy, which is a way of sharing love. So this quote was pretty perfect 🙂

And it was particularly appropriate since I spent last week at a retreat with 41 wonderful people learning about ourselves and reconnecting with the power of love for yourself and for others.

It was an absolutely amazing week, and I’ve taken away a stronger connection to myself and my inner direction, which helps me be more confident in connecting with others.

It was fascinating to see how well I could get to know people in such a short time when everyone is totally open to one another. It was beautiful and inspiring.

I feel totally inspired, invigorated, joyful, optimistic, grateful and peaceful all at the same time. I could throw in about a hundred more adjectives in there, but those are the main ones.

A big, heartfelt thank you to all the beautiful people who shared so fully of themselves all week to make that experience as engaging and special as it was.

I’m excited to move forward in life, and a big part of that is about what I do here in my work.

As I said, my goal is to spread positive energy, so this retreat only reinforced for me how powerful that is and how grateful I am to be able to spend my life doing that.

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Ok, back to the kombucha… I found lots of locally-made kombuchas in Portland, OR and Austin, TX – they even serve it on tap at some places.

You can also brew your own kombucha, which I haven’t tried yet but I have a kit that I got from a conference that I’m excited to try out.

I love having kombucha when travelling. It’s a fun and tasty drink, instead of juice or soda, plus I get a boost of probiotics which can be helpful when eating different foods than you usually do.

If you need a concentrated source of probiotics, I also like this drink by SCD. It’s more like a probiotic supplement, you only need a small sip.

Have you tried kombucha before? Let me know what you thought of it below 🙂


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