Travel Snacks And GIVEAWAY For 3 Months Of Vegan Cuts Snack Box!

Travel Snacks And GIVEAWAY For 3 Months Of Vegan Cuts Snack Box!
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Finding good vegan travel snacks can be tricky, but I have some ideas for you – plus I’m so excited to have a really awesome giveaway for you from my friends at Vegan Cuts!

With all the fast food in airports and train/bus stations, I tend to take my own travel snacks with me. My favorite snack by far is just plain fresh fruit.

I always take an apple or two, and bananas are good but you have to be careful not to squish them. The only trouble with fruit is that you can’t take it across borders…

So when Phil and I travel, we take some fruit and make sure to eat it before going through customs.

Vegetables are usually ok, so I often take carrots. Nuts, seeds and dried fruits are other options that usually pass customs, too.

For long international trips, like the one we just made to get to Peru, I also get us some snack bars or other types of things that pack small and keep well to tide us over until we get settled on the other end.

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Usually, I like to get the bars that are made with fruits and vegetables, and maybe some greens powders, to make sure we keep up on nutrients. Bars with nuts or seeds are good, too, to keep us full and nourished.

Most of the time, that’s where I leave it because a lot of the fancier snacks, like kale chips, are so expensive.

And that’s where the exciting giveaway I have for you comes in!

Phil and I are friends with this fantastic couple, Jill and John, who started an amazing company called Vegan Cuts to help make vegan products (like snacks) more accessible and affordable.

I mentioned in my post about our lunch the other day that their review of Alma Zen, an organic vegetarian restaurant in Peru, was what inspired us to go there.

GIVEAWAY: 3 Months Of Vegan Snacks!

Ok, so what they’re offering to one of you lucky people is a FREE 3-month subscription to their monthly snack box! I’m already excited for whoever wins, because I’m always jealous of the things I see in these boxes…

I really need to sign up for one myself, but I never seem to stay in one place long enough to have the same mailing address to ship to.

Anyway, all you need to do to enter the contest is sign up for the Vegan Cuts newsletter here by Tuesday January 29th.

Vegan Cuts

Open to US residents only.

The snack box is cool because you get a surprise selection of 6-9 vegan items to try every month.

You might find things like Yawp bars, Eli’s Earth Bars, PureFit protein bars, SeaSnax, NewTree dark chocolate, Just Pure Foods kale chips and other such yumminess.

You can sign up right now for the February box, it’s only $19.95 a month with free shipping to the US.

Those are the kinds of things they offer at big discounts in their weekly deal and also in the marketplace, along with clothes, skin care and other fun stuff.

I got a really cute pair of shoes from Colorful Grass through one of their weekly deals:

Heather's Colorful Grass Shoes

I actually met Jill online, while we were all travelling in Europe and posting about it on our sites (they were running Vegan Backpacker at the time).

It turned out we were both living in Ottawa back in Canada, so we got together when we were finally all back home.

I remember Jill telling me about her love of coupons the first time we met for dinner at their place, and now she runs a site dedicated to finding people awesome e-coupons for her favorite vegan products. How perfect is that?

They have an amazingly professional set up going on, and tons of spectacular deals on awesome products like Gunas handbags and the RawJuvenate Organic Detox, so you might miss how sweet and wonderful these two are behind the scenes.

They do all this because they really care about getting more people excited about shopping with vegan ethics – and going beyond food to clothes, skin care, shoes and accessories.

So much awesomeness, I’m so excited for Jill and John and the amazing things they’re doing through Vegan Cuts – I hope you all love them too!

Now – why haven’t you entered the giveaway yet? I’m pretty pumped for the winner 🙂


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