Chocolate-Quinoa Breakfast Recipe

Chocolate-Quinoa Breakfast Recipe
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

I love making this chocolate (or carob) pudding to have with my porridge, which gives me the taste of dessert but in a totally healthy way.

For some reason, breakfast is my favorite time of day to have sweet dessert-ish things.

I use the same idea to make chocolate pudding on its own as a snack, too. Those of you who are in my online meal plan may recognize this idea – I especially enjoy it on Monday mornings.

But putting it over morning porridge makes a filling – and really delicious meal.

I showed my friend this recipe, and she quickly became addicted to it, making it every morning. She added peanut butter and spinach to the puree, adding thickness and nutrients.

You could do this over any cooked whole grain – from oatmeal to brown rice. Give it a try.


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