Savory Sweet Potato Patties Recipe

Savory Sweet Potato Patties Recipe
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

It’s no secret that I love sweet potatoes and this recipe makes good use of them as potato patties! You’ll see I also use them a couple of times in the healthy eating challenge.

It is a rich source of lots of nutrients, and makes for a much lighter patty than a bean-based veggie burger. This recipe is simple and delicious. It allows for a lot of variation in seasoning, and can easily be made with potato rather than sweet potato for a more neutral flavor.

Savory Sweet Potato Patties Recipe

Prep time:
Cook Time:
Time from start to eating:
Makes 5 patties

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  • 1 cup short grain brown rice, cooked (½ cup dry, cooked in 1 cup water), fully cooled
  • ½ cup grated sweet potato
  • ½ cup diced onion
  • pinch sea salt
  • ½ cup whole grain flour
  • bit of water, if necessary
  • 1 tsp olive oil


  1. Be sure to have your rice cooked & cooled before you begin. This can happen at dinner the night before, at breakfast, or an hour before dinner. As long as the rice has cooled, it will be sticky enough to make into a patty.
  2. Stir together the rice, sweet potato, onion and salt in a large bowl. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, so that the salt can draw the moisture out of the potato & onion. Stir in enough flour to make the batter sticky, adding a spoonful or two of water if necessary. Form the mixture into tight balls, and squish slightly into a patty form.
  3. Heat a pan on medium, then add enough oil to coat the underside of each patty. Allow them to cook for 7-10 minutes, then flip. Cook another 5-7 minutes, and serve.
  4. These sweet potato brown rice patties can be served on their own, garnished with salsa and lettuce, on a bun as a burger, or many other ways. In this healthy vegan recipes video, I served them alongside some steamed kale, dressed with tamari and sesame seeds.


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