Donna Gates – Improve Digestion

Donna Gates – Improve Digestion
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

I’m talking with Donna Gates about the importance of digestion to overall health levels, and how to improve digestion and maximize your energy.

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Key Points

  • 3 most important dietary shifts to improve digestion: avoid oils in favor of whole food fats, cut down on sugars until you can cut them out entirely, and eat fermented foods
  • The easiest fermented foods to start with are coconut kefir, liquid probiotic supplements and cultured vegetables. It’s tastier and cheaper to make them yourself, but you can also buy them and get the same benefits.
  • Maintaining your energy levels is crucial to improve digestion and your overall health. Think of energy like money – try to conserve it and create a bank of energy that you have available for your life. Figure out what things drain you of energy, and avoid them, so that they don’t work against everything else you do to make yourself healthy.


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