Julianaa Satie – Intuitive Cooking

Julianaa Satie – Intuitive Cooking
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

I’m talking with Julianaa Satie, founder of the School of Natural Cookery, about intuitive cooking and seasoning, and gaining confidence in your ability to make delicious creations with healthy whole plant foods.

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Key Points

  • Intuitive cooking is creating a dish, in the moment, by utilizing our whole being – body, mind and spirit. People find satisfaction and a sense of empowerment from being able to control the colors, shapes, textures, tastes and nutritional components.
  • Cooking methods are just ways of transforming food, and are designed to bring out the most that a food has to offer in terms of taste, texture, color and digestibility. The way a food is grown – organically and on healthy soils – makes a big difference for all of those things.
  • To make a good dish with various vegetables, look at the way the plant grows, its color and the number of foods in the dish. Then use good technique and awareness to create something wonderful. The more you make dishes that taste good, the more confidence you’ll gain.


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