Learn To Use Whole Foods

Learn To Use Whole Foods
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

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Hi, Heather – I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you and the wonderful information you have made available to us. I have been bringing vegan cookbooks home from the library and have learned some interesting little tidbits about the beginnings of the vegan movement on this side of the Atlantic, but the reason I’m writing is because I’m seeing so much contrast in what some people consider vegan “cooking” and the strong base that you are giving us in how to create healthy, simple meals using whole foods.
I am consistently pleased by my ability to create a really delicious meal in a short amount of time by using your meal plan. I’ll be starting with Week 1 again on Sunday, for the third time, and I’m finally feeling confident enough to start substituting other recipes for some of the ones in the meal plan.
And I feel so powerful when I go grocery shopping! Walking into the store knowing that at least 95% of the items that are for sale are of absolutely no interest to me any more makes me feel really cocky! And it’s all thanks to you, because even though I’ve dabbled with a vegetarian diet in the distant past, it wasn’t until I started with your meal plan that I had the information to know what to do with the food that I was bringing home. Having the meal plan has made all the difference and I’m really eager to see where all of this will take me. I have to remind myself to stop talking to people about food and cooking, which would really be laughable if you knew me! All is well.”
– Lauren, Vienna, ME


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