Heather’s top 3 post-workout (or post-run) snacks

Heather’s top 3 post-workout (or post-run) snacks
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

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Whenever I post about my running or training, I get tons of questions about nutrition. What to eat before, during, after long runs or races, what to eat after an obstacle race…

After a run or a workout, it’s important to fuel your body properly to recover quickly and effectively, so that you can continue with your training.

Watch the video for my top 3 post-workout quick-grab snack ideas:

You can find some other ideas at Nuts.com

If you want to go more in depth about vegan nutrition for runners:

Vegan Runners’ Nutrition Workshop

Have you ever had that crash in the middle of a run? Where your legs aren’t necessarily tired, but you just can’t move them anymore? Or you struggle at the end of a race and are crazy exhausted at the finish line?

That’s what can happen when you don’t fuel yourself properly.

In the workshop, I’ll show you how to fuel your runs, recover faster, get your protein, and have a social life outside your training!

I answer tons of questions, including:

  • What should I eat before and after my workouts and training runs?
  • What about races – what should I eat from 2 days before? The night before? Morning of?
  • What should I have during longer runs and races to get fuel and hydration?
  • How do I maximize water absorption? Should I get electrolytes, carbs, sports drinks?
  • How much protein do I need, and how can I get it from vegan foods without getting too much carbohydrate, and without eating tofu all the time?
  • How do I maintain energy levels when I feel like there is absolutely nothing left in the tank, and your social life is taking a hit because of your training?
  • How can I maintain—and even gain—weight when I eat really healthy vegan foods and am active all the time?

Click for more info on the Vegan Runners’ Nutrition Workshop


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