Vegan Runners’ Nutrition Workshop

Vegan Runners’ Nutrition Workshop
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Runner? Vegan? Top flight fuel ideas right here.

Vegan Runners’ Nutrition Workshop

Sorry, this program is closed for renovations!

Watch this space for new ideas in 2018…

Fuel your runs, recover faster, get your protein, and have a social life outside your training!

Have you ever had that crash in the middle of a run? Where your legs aren’t necessarily tired, but you just can’t move them anymore? Or you struggle at the end of a race and are crazy exhausted at the finish line?

That’s what can happen when you don’t fuel yourself properly.

Have you ever wondered…

  • What should I eat before and after my workouts and training runs?
  • What about races – what should I eat from 2 days before? The night before? Morning of?
  • What should I have during longer runs and races to get fuel and hydration?
  • How do I maximize water absorption? Should I get electrolytes, carbs, sports drinks?
  • How much protein do I need, and how can I get it from vegan foods without getting too much carbohydrate, and without eating tofu all the time?
  • How do I maintain energy levels when I feel like there is absolutely nothing left in the tank, and your social life is taking a hit because of your training?
  • How can I maintain—and even gain—weight when I eat really healthy vegan foods and am active all the time?

I’ve asked myself all of these questions. I’m a runner. I’m vegan. I was a national-level competitive team figure skater for half of my life. I do a lot of yoga and bodyweight workouts to build strength.

I’m also a nutritionist. So I’ve researched the answers to all of these questions, and made vegan sports nutrition a personal specialty in my continuing education, to help with my own training. Because there isn’t much out there on this topic.

There’s a lot about vegetarian sports nutrition, but the advice relies heavily on dairy and eggs. And there are lots of vegan ultra-endurance runners and bodybuilders showing the extreme side of vegan athlete nutrition. But there isn’t much info specifically for more moderate (ahem, normal) vegan runners and athletes. I’m talking about runners doing 5km to marathon distances, or athletes who work out 3-5 times a week.

If you’re looking for practical and useful info and advice to fuel your training and races, avoid the crash, get the right nutrients and protein, join me for a vegan runner’s nutrition workshop. It’ll be super specific and jam-packed with all the best nutrition info, plus tips from my experience and perspective as a runner, athlete, nutritionist and vegan.

Vegan Runners’ Nutrition Virtual Workshop

17 video tutorials covering topics including:

  • What to eat before runs, to avoid mid-run crashes
  • What to eat after a run, to speed up recovery time
  • What to eat between training, to allow you to have a normal social life
  • What to eat leading up to a race to fuel your best performance
  • What to eat and drink during a race and long runs to maintain energy
  • How much protein, iron, B12, and other nutrients you need, and how to get it from vegan foods
  • How to avoid feeling weak and getting bored with a healthy sugar-free vegan diet
  • Natural supplements to boost your energy levels, improve performance, and speed recovery

*Exclusive Resources

My personal tips and resources for vegan runners and sports nutrition, including my running playlist on Spotify.

*Unlimited Access + Downloads

Start whenever works for you, and the videos + resource sheets are yours to download and keep forever!

*30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Guaranteed to help you kick bad habits, or your money back.

NB: This workshop is NOT really for elite athletes, ultra-endurance runners or competitive boydbuilders. I have info, but not practical experience, on that level, so this workshop is for runners in the 5k-marathon range, and athletes who want to get their best performance and minimize recovery time through plant-based nutrition.

Client Success Stories

“I’ve struggled with the vegan lifestyle because I really don’t think I knew how to eat a well rounded diet. Because I run twelve miles a week and lift weights I need to eat a balanced diet. There are so many wonderful vegan cookbooks out there…I’ve bought so many!…but I don’t know how to plan a day’s worth of food. Thank you for being a great teacher. I’m kind of getting a hang of what I should be eating.”

– Melanie, Warren OH


“How long will I have access to the materials?”

Forever! You can download all the videos, so you can keep them forever. Your access won’t expire, so you’ll be able to go into the site as long as I continue to run it, which I plan to do indefinitely. I’m not going to say ‘forever’ because that’s a lot to live up to… That would also involve post-mortem planning, which I’m not quite ready to think about. But pretty much as long as I’m alive and getting your support and feedback on this site, I’ll keep it going.

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I can’t wait to get you properly fuelled for your running and your next race, and I can’t wait to see where this takes you! Let’s get started…

Heather Nicholds, Registered Holistic Nutritionist


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