How to stay motivated long enough to see results

How to stay motivated long enough to see results
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Are you ready to lose those extra pounds that make your pants too tight, and make you feel like a hibernating mama bear – without depriving yourself, without feeling low energy?

Dieting and depriving don’t work.

That mindset leads to cravings, low energy, and binge eating to make up for it.

If you’re stuck in the negative diet cycle, it’s time to reframe to the mindset of crowding out: meaning you displace the stuff you don’t want by focusing your attention and energy on the stuff you DO want.

You should never be a prisoner of food.

It shouldn’t control you through cravings. And you shouldn’t be confined by what you can or can’t eat.

Imagine if…

  • you could look at the bag of cookies or chips and think clearly “hm, that looks good but I don’t really need that right now”
  • you had the energy to do yoga after work instead of sinking into the couch
  • you woke up feeling ready to take on the day
  • you could handle stress better
  • you got through the weekend having fun with your friends, but not compromising your health goals
  • your skin cleared up
  • you were in control of your own health!
  • you felt confident in the choices you were making for yourself, and for your family

But how do you stay motivated long enough to see results?

1. You need to find your motivation. Your BIG WHY.

It’s best if it goes broader than one reason. Could be weight loss, weight gain, healthy skin, diabetes, heart disease. It could be broader than health.

Look back at your Declutter Checklist – you can get rid of that clutter if you choose to. If you decide, today, that you want a better life for yourself. That you want to leave fad diets behind for good.

That you want to start building a better body, mind and spirit. That you want to make our planet stronger and more resiliant. That you want to help end animal cruelty.

Tie together what you eat and how you feel.

2. Pick one thing you can do today.

Just pick one thing. Whatever seems easy and fun to you.
Because if it’s easy and fun, you’ll do it. You’ll make it a habit.

And then you’ll feel a bit better.
And if you feel better, you’ll have more energy and motivation to take another step.

All you need to do to start on this path is commit to taking one step.

3. Celebrate your success.

Every step, no matter how small or big, that you take every single day is something to be proud of. It may or may not be the thing you picked in step 2 – but if you did something today to honor yourself, celebrate that! Feel good about that!

And this is equally – if not more – important: don’t beat yourself up if you can’t find something you feel like is a success.

We are wired, as part of human survival, to see the negative. It takes conscious work to bring gratitude into our psyche. That’s another aspect of crowding out, that we can cleanse our psyche of some of that innate negativity by consciously practicing gratitude.

It takes consistency to make a difference in your life. Every single time you do something to nourish yourself, that’s a step in the right direction. The more days in a row you do even just one thing, the easier it gets and the more it becomes a habit. And then the easier it is to add new things.

Be compassionate with yourself, and surround yourself with cheerleaders.

If you’re ready to take the first step, I’m ready to take it with you. Give you the plan, the guidance and the support to make sure that first step turns into a second. And a third. And a fourth.

And before you know it, you’ve made a giant leap into your new life.

With a plan, a coach, and a support group at your side, you can…

  • fuel and nourish your body, while dropping those extra pounds.
  • build energy and vitality through healthy choices.
  • get set up for a life of being healthy, fit, and happy.

I’d love to be that coach for you. I’d love to take the guesswork out this, and help you move from the theoretical to the practical. One of my special gifts is being a cheerleader, and finding the positive to spread that light in your life when it feels dark.

If you’re ready to leave fad diets behind, learn how to eat vegan, get all the nutrients you need, and lose weight in the process, I’m ready for you…

I want to invite you to join me for an online program called Fad Diet Recovery. We’re going to reframe from that mentality of deprivation and rules and short term thinking… to one of abundance and choice and long term balance.

Together, we can put you back in control and get your life back.

Fad Diet Recovery


Q: “I’ve tried all kinds of diets, and they just didn’t work. I’ve failed so many times, what makes you think this program will work for me?”

A: This isn’t a diet, and it isn’t a one-size-fits-all program. You’ll go through, step-by-step, the practical and the mindset shifts that will show you how to start losing weight – and how to make this a long-term lifestyle change. The accountability and support of your nutritionist and the group is a key component in helping you stick with this long enough to see results.

Although the program is set up to go through about 4 weeks, you have the opportunity for a one-on-one with me to discuss your challenges and strategize future steps, plus unlimited access to the group discussion for as long as you need it. You are not a failure. The attempts you’ve made may have failed in the past, but you can only find success if you keep trying after those failed attempts. I have way more respect for those who keep picking themselves up than those who get it perfectly the first time. It’s courageous to keep picking yourself up.

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