The Better Health Summit

The Better Health Summit
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

The Better Health Summit!

Glad you’re here! Here’s how this works. We’re putting together a FREE online video event for the public, March 17-18, 2012.

We’ll be showing videos that outline the most important things people need to know in order to combat illness, boost their energy and live a long, healthy life on a plant-based diet.

If you’re reading this, you probably received an invitation from me to be one of the guest presenters for this event!

If you’re interested, your simple role will be to:

  1. Schedule a time to meet with me via Skype for a short interview (10-15 minutes). All you need is a free Skype account and a webcam.
  2. In late February, all of us involved will begin to let our followers know about the event through email and social media.

We’re in the planning stages right now and welcome your ideas/feedback.

Relevant Visitors To Your Website

Our goal is to give some important (and exciting) information to the public while giving all of us presenters an opportunity to get ourselves and our websites in front of tens of thousands of people.

To make things more fun and interactive, and to get these people over to your website, we’ll be running an “information” scavenger hunt every night. Viewers will be prompted to go to your site, search for the answer to a simple question, and optionally take a very short quiz to submit their answers.

The winners get a prize, and you get motivated people – who’ve just watched your video – checking out your website.

Event Details

The event will be aimed at people interested in a plant-based diet, and will be slightly geared towards people who are newly pursuing a healthy lifestyle – beginners.

That being said, we’re happy to have some videos get more advanced, as we don’t want it to be only the basic stuff that will bore more knowledgeable viewers.

Most of the videos will be about nutrition, with a few about cooking, exercise and other important non-food health issues.

There will be no “selling” in the videos – just pure content. We’ll use the scavenger hunt to drive people to your site, but we really want this to be a great free event for people, not a sales pitch. Also, when the event is over, it will stay open to the public for free. We are not selling it.

We’re hoping to show 2 guest videos each night. We’ll be covering topics such as: holistic nutrition, plant-based diet, preventing/reversing disease, mental health, weight loss, cooking tips, raw food, aging/longevity, supplementation, and exercise.

Our Teaching Philosophy

We thought it would be good to quickly lay out our philosophy for how we like to present our message. Our strong preference is to be inclusive and positive.

While we personally promote a vegan diet, we don’t dwell on the downsides of animal foods, and we don’t try to convert people. We talk a little about the benefits and problems associated with animals foods, but we mostly discuss the benefits of healthy whole plant foods. We don’t say that a vegan diet is better for everyone, because we believe it’s just not that simple.

Most of the presenters also promote a vegan or vegetarian diet, but not necessarily all, which is good. We absolutely encourage everyone to have their own point of view, but we hope we can focus more on the positive side of healthy foods instead of the negative side of animal foods.

We think we should present a cohesive, positive message that doesn’t confuse and divide our viewers, and isn’t so extreme that it makes people feel isolated.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Heather and Phil


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