Eco-Vegan handbags – Special promo from Canopy Verde!

Eco-Vegan handbags – Special promo from Canopy Verde!
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

A large part of my motivation to live the way I do is because I care really deeply for our planet, and do whatever I can do live with a low impact on our ecosystem. It’s a huge part of why I’m vegan.

So I get really excited about companies that blend the eco-conscious with vegan and create gorgeous things, like my friend Linda and her classically stylish eco-vegan handbags.

Linda has kindly opened up her holiday promotion to you guys a bit early, so if you check out her work, like what you see and buy yourself a bag, you get a free clutch!

From Linda:

The Bedford crossbody satchel is our interpretation of the perfect work portfolio. It fits folders, magazines, your iPad, and anything you might need for a productive day at the office — wherever that may be.

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The chic Carroll clutch is the perfect holiday gift – distinctive, thoughtfully made, and versatile. Wear it open or folded over, use it as an iPad bag, or carry as a bag-within-a-bag.

Holiday Clutch Promo!

Linda and I agree perfectly on this statement she has on her site: “I don’t like owning a lot of ‘stuff.’ What I do own I want to be well designed, timeless, and practical in the best sense of the word.”



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