Stacy’s Chocolate Heaven

Stacy’s Chocolate Heaven
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Check out Stacy’s chocolate endeavors! I have the same issue, both with wanting to take a bite of chocolate squash custard every time I pass the fridge, and having a husband who actually does 😉 ~H

Hi Heather,

I have been trying a lot of your recipes the last couple of weeks and just thought I would start to share the pictures of them with you.

This is the Chocolate bar and the Chocolate squash custard recipes (not eaten at the same time). They are both so good it’s hard not to grab a bite every time I walk passed the refrigerator… although my husband seems to be doing exactly that!

Thanks so much for all these delicious recipes, I cant wait to keep trying them!!!!

P.S…as you could see the chocolate bar is almost gone 🙂

Stacy From Long Beach NY

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