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Fighting Flu Season...

Fighting flu season with natural methods

This year, my mom caught a really vicious strain of the flu. She's starting to recover, but asked me for my advice to help get better more quickly.

I sent her an email with my thoughts, and then realized it would probably be helpful to some of you, too!

So I'm sharing what I told her - in exchange, please send my mom your positive thoughts so that she heals quickly :)


Happy New Year! Let's help motivate each other :)

Happy New Year! What can we help work through together?

It's a new year, and it's also my birthday this weekend! I have a drink in mind for that (tropical sangria!!!), but my trip to the dentist earlier this week gave me a kick in the butt...

I'm normally really good about it, I swear! But the holidays and travelling made me somewhat lazy on tooth care. There was nothing serious, just a bit of plaque on the back molars.

So - my dental hygienist inspired me to get back on track with flossing and brushing regularly! I only have one set of teeth and I plan to keep them around...


My Week Of Coffee: Benefits + Downsides

Coffee week - looking at the benefits and downsides of coffee

About a year ago, I decided to try a cup of coffee. I have so many clients ask me how to overcome caffeine/coffee addictions and I try to give recommendations, but I always feel like I'm not being fully empathetic, so I decided the only thing to do was try it to see what they enjoyed about it.

The thing is, I've never liked coffee. I'm a tea kinda girl. The first time I tried it was a hotel coffee maker, and it was the most terrible thing I'd ever had. Since then, I just had no interest in trying to like it.

As a nutritionist, I'm very aware of the downsides of coffee as a stimulant. I am, however, also aware of the health benefits of coffee. Since it's not something that's downright unhealthy for me (like Coke), I felt really curious to see if it could actually be helpful in terms of boosting energy levels.


Come On A Beach Run With Me!

My favorite running route, and what I eat before and after a run

I wanted to share my favorite running route with you - along the beach in Bermuda. There's a trail through the trees and grass that winds along some cliffs above the ocean, so there are some gorgeous views.

I also wanted to share what I eat before and after a run. Not that it's perfect for everyone, it's just what works best for me.


Top 5 List: Why I Run!

Thinking about why I like running keeps me motivated to get out every morning :)

Thinking about why I like running keeps me motivated to get out every morning - so I put together my top 5 list to help inspire you :)

Not that you have to run - any kind of exercise or activity that you enjoy and will continue doing on a regular basis is wonderful.


Do You Have Compassion For Yourself?

join me for a month of self-compassion

If you're anything like me, you spend most of your time thinking about others and not yourself. You are constantly in awe (or jealous?) of what others can do or have, but forget to recognize how amazing you are yourself.

As a vegan, I also spend a lot of time thinking about compassion for animals, but that spreads out to all living things including humans - and should definitely include ourselves!


Attila Hildmann: German, Vegan, Ironman, Bad Ass. *Giveaway!

Interview with Attila, German bestselling author and celebrity chef

I had the pleasure of connecting with German bestselling author and celebrity chef, Attila Hildmann, and checking out his newly released cookbooks: Vegan for Fit and Vegan for Fun. I was sold on his awesomeness by this fantastic bio:

"A success story on his own, Attila lost 77 lbs after the loss of his father to a heart attack--a transformation he likes to call 'from fat ass to bad ass.'

A self-taught vegan chef from a bratwurst-ridden society, Attila sets himself apart from the vegan movement, supporting the notion that his followers need not adopt a 100% vegan diet. Even consuming vegan meals for one day each week will improve your health, which is what he inspires avid carnivores around the world to do."


4 Authors, 3 Questions, 1 Cookbook: The China Study All-Star Collection *Giveaway!

Interview with 4 authors from the China Study All Star Collection

Or, '4 Vegans Chew On 3 Questions'

Have you heard of The China Study? It's a research project that was done involving 100 people in rural China over 20 years, studying 'dietary and lifestyle factors associated with disease mortality.'

The conclusion of the study was that people who eat a whole-food, plant-based/vegan diet (like what I share here!) will avoid, reduce or reverse certain common diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

The daughter of the China Study researcher and author (T. Colin Campbell) has put together a cookbook based on the recommendations in the study - as well as a new All-Star Collection.


Canopy Verde Eco Friendly Vegan Handbags *Giveaway + Discount

Clutch Giveaway + Discount! Canopy Verde Eco Friendly Vegan Handbags

A big part of being vegan goes beyond food, and into what we wear and what we buy. So many products use leather, wool, silk - and so many beauty products are tested on animals.

Likewise, a big part of caring for our ecosystem is choosing to buy products that use sustainable materials. Organic cotton and animal-free leather are excellent places to start.

A good friend of mine, Linda, makes these gorgeous handbags that focus on eco-friendly and vegan materials.


How You Can Easily Prevent 3 Kinds Of Energy Slumps *Video 3

How You Can Easily Prevent 3 Kinds Of Energy Slumps *Video 3

If you're lacking in energy, it's easy to feel like you're not healthy enough, like you're somehow missing something...

I'm going to walk through 3 kinds of energy lows, and what you can do to prevent them - because you want to have more energy, right?

Life is a whole lot more fun when you have the energy to go enjoy it! And the solutions are really simple.


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