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Thess healthy eating articles are here to help you get on track with a balanced healthy eating plan, and showing you how to have fun while maintaining it.

How to cut a mango like a pro - a juicy, delicious mango...

How to cut a mango like a pro

This is just me, sharing my well-honed technique for cutting my favorite fruit.


What causes adrenal fatigue? Top 3 culprits keeping you from living life!

What causes adrenal fatigue? Top 3 culprits keeping you from living life!

I hear so often from friends, clients and just people on the street that they're dealing with adrenal fatigue, and trying to figure out what causes it.

Adrenal fatigue is a horrible condition to live with because it drains your energy and makes life a struggle - rather than a special occasion.

It's an issue that's become so widespread, and when you look at what causes adrenal fatigue it's not actually that surprising - because the top 3 culprits are so common!

And easy solution - next time you're grocery shopping, pick up these five foods. I eat them pretty much every single day to boost my energy and immune system, and keep my hair, skin and nails healthy.


Almonds: What Makes Them Healthy + How To Eat Them

Almond <3 - super nutritious, and ideas on how to eat them - including DIY chocolate!

Easter weekend means chocolate and bunnies! Around my house, we also used to find Ribena left by Easter bunny... not sure why, but I'm having blackcurrant tea in honor of that tradition!

I'll also be having some dark chocolate, which is a lovely treat, or if you want to go fully homemade try my chocolate bark with just 3 ingredients!

I had a quick snack of some almonds, which would make a lovely Easter treat and are also super healthy! Check out their stats:


Mango Cookbook Giveaway!!

Mango cookbook #giveaway!

When I went to Austin, Texas last year to speak at BlogHer Food, something amazingly awesome happened... I was invited to a mango party!

Check out how excited I was in this video!


Nutrition CHAMPS Cookbook Giveaway!

Nutrition CHAMPS Cookbook Giveaway!

I was so happy when I heard that my dear friend, Jill Nussinow, said that she was writing a new cookbook. Jill goes by the name The Veggie Queen, which is totally apt!

Jill is a Registered Dietitian, and is a wonderful chef who does full justice to the amazingly healthy array of whole plant foods out there.


One Pot Meal Ideas

One pot meals: less dishes, limit overeating, simplify meals

A lot of my meals are made in one pot, for many reasons. The most obvious is that it keeps dishes at a minimum, since it only uses one pot.

Having one dish means that your tastebuds are satisfied with less food than if you have lots of different flavors on your plate. Think of Thanksgiving dinner, and tons of side dishes, and how you need to eat just enough of each one to feel satisfied - even though you're overstuffed.

One pot meals keep things simple in terms of time spent making a meal, and also in terms keeping your evening meal a bit lighter for easier digestion before bed.


Everything You Want To Know About Pressure Cooking! Live Q&A with JL Fields

Everything You Want To Know About Pressure Cooking! Live video Q&A with JL Fields

I am SO excited to finally be hosting a live q&a with JL Fields!

See, I bought a pressure cooker a few months ago because I was sick of buying canned beans, but I didn't want to use up a couple hours worth of gas or electricity cooking them on the stove.

Unfortunately, I had a few mishaps in trying it out and lost motivation. I know that JL is a pro with her pressure cooker (literally, she just published a book called Vegan Pressure Cooking) so I wanted to ask her for some tips.


What is candida? How do you beat it? Live video Q&A with Ricki Heller

What is candida? How do you know if you have it? Live q&a with Ricki Heller!

I'm thrilled to be hosting a live q&a with Ricki Heller, who is the go-to gal for info and recipes to help beat candida as a vegan.

You may remember her from such recipes as chocolate-flecked pumpkin seed cookies, breakfast sausage patties, or lucuma 'butterscotch' pudding'.

Check out her site for her fantastic recipes and information resources:


Healthy Vegan Valentine's Chocolate Treats + Dinner Ideas

Healthy vegan chocolate Valentine treats <3

Valentine's Day is tomorrow! The day of love, the day of chocolate, the day of romantic candlelit dinners... Contrary to popular belief, none of this is at odds with being healthy!

In fact, I think it all goes perfectly with being healthy. Loving yourself and others is a big part of being healthy, and there is such thing as healthy chocolate treats and dinners!

I've put together some ideas for you, from myself and some friends, for chocolates, dinners and some eco-friendly gift ideas...


Fighting Flu Season...

Fighting flu season with natural methods

This year, my mom caught a really vicious strain of the flu. She's starting to recover, but asked me for my advice to help get better more quickly.

I sent her an email with my thoughts, and then realized it would probably be helpful to some of you, too!

So I'm sharing what I told her - in exchange, please send my mom your positive thoughts so that she heals quickly :)


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