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Sometimes, no matter how much you know about healthy eating, the obstacle in the way of actually achieving your goals is the motivation to get started or stick with your plan.

Sometimes healthy eating can inspire you to achieve other goals in your life, and sometimes you need to keep healthy eating in its place within the broader context of living a healthy and happy life.

These are all of my posts to help motivate and inspire you on your path to healthy eating.


  1. Top 5 List: Why I Run!
  2. Do You Have Compassion For Yourself?
  3. Happy Spring! What I'm Up To Right Now
  4. Edible Gifts & A Giveaway :)
  5. When Fun Things Start Feeling Like Obligations...
  6. Finding Balance And Listening To Intuition
  7. Machu Picchu Adventure And Carnival
  8. Heather's Update For 2013
  9. Top 10 Fun Benefits Of Eating A Plant Based Diet
  10. Vegetarian Summerfest - Tips From 10 Awesome Vegans
  11. How To Improve Body Image - 3 Tips To Feel Good About Yourself
  12. How To Make Healthy Eating Work For You
  13. Do You Share The Wealth Of Healthy Eating?
  14. Chocolate Or Healthy Foods For True Love?
  15. How To Remember That You're Awesome
  16. Can You See The Big Picture Of Healthy Eating?
  17. How Important Is Healthy Eating If You Can Fall Off Your Bike?
  18. Finding Motivation For Healthy Eating
  19. Creating Healthy Habits From New Year's Resolutions
  20. Break The Routine To Wake Yourself Up
  21. Enjoying Your Holidays With Happiness
  22. Being Active And Healthy Is More Important Than You Think
  23. Thanksgiving Thoughts On Healthy Eating
  24. How To Survive The Holidays Eating Vegan Or Vegetarian
  25. Boosting Your Mood
  26. Healthy Hallowe’en Treats
  27. Zen And The Art Of Chewing
  28. Cooking For A Healthy Diet Plan - How I Stay Motivated
  29. Do You Make These Mistakes On Your Healthy Diet Plan?
  30. Vegan Diet Plan - Frustrations From A Vegan Kitchen
  31. Don't Let Weird Social Pressures Determine Your Health
  32. I've Been Nominated For A 'One Lovely Blog' Award
  33. Balancing Nutrition Extremes - Taking Your Opposite To Lunch
  34. Like Water for Chocolate - Energy In Cooking
  35. We've Moved To Ottawa
  36. How to Stick to Your Healthy Diet Plan At Restaurants and Parties

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As a Holistic Nutritionist, I want to share how amazing you can feel on a whole foods plant-based diet, and to how to make simple, fast, incredibly delicious, nutritionally-balanced meals that leave you and your family satisfied and full of energy.

My goal is to empower you to make healthy meals, have success with your healthy weight loss plan, find balance in your body and your life. I hope to inspire you to see healthy eating as an exciting and abundant way of life.

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