What inspires me (2017 dreams + 2016 review)

What inspires me (2017 dreams + 2016 review)
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

It’s that time of year… everyone starts talking about how they’ll be on a diet as of January 1st. Or joining a gym. Or both. Just hang on… let’s talk about this…

I’m a capricorn (so my bday is coming up!), and my horoscope told me that Thursday the 29th was a new moon that could give my intentions some extra juice if I sat down and wrote out what I wanted to manifest in the next 6 months, when there would be a full moon in capricorn.

That’s some seriously cool visuals that I couldn’t pass up – putting my intentions out to the new moon for it to fill up.

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Also it was pleasingly different from the January 1 resolutions for the coming 12 months. An earlier day and a shorter time frame. My organized but just slightly rebellious nature liked that.

So I did – I sat down. A cat sat on my lap. And I wrote out all the things I want to manifest in the next 6 months. They are many, and they are lofty. And that’s ok.

New Year’s resolutions have this bad rep. Personal trainers see the influx of newly resolved clients Jan 1, only to have a steep drop off a few weeks later. Nutritionists see the same. That’s one side – the resolutions made and not followed through.

I’ve also heard the other side – the resolutions not made for fear of failing. Cause everyone knows no one actually sticks to their New Year’s resolutions.

I understand it. I need to protect myself from being hurt by failure sometimes, too.

(And I hate the word resolution, it gives me a knee-jerk revulsion, so I use the word intention.)

But the answer is not to NOT set goals for yourself and what you want out of life. The answer isn’t even to NOT set lofty goals that you won’t reach. The answer – for me, not telling you what to do – is to go ahead and set the lofty goals.

Dream big. But still love myself if I don’t reach all of them.

How can I possibly do that? By celebrating all the goals that I DO accomplish, some that I wouldn’t have otherwise reached for if I’d let the fear get the better of me.

And a little secret: the things we’re afraid of, that feel like we’re putting ourselves too out there? Those are the ones that our souls really need us to follow. I’ve got one of those this year, and it scares the sh*t out of me… I’ll tell you about it soon…

I’ve been working over the past 2 years to build a recognition of my success into my day to day. But I haven’t gone big picture with that. So that’s what I’m doing today. Now that I’ve listed my lofty goals to myself, I want to look back and remember all the lofty goals I manifested last year.

Damn girl… that’s pretty amazing, if I do say so myself! And that’s not even my whole list… I pared it down cause this post was getting long.

So, when I see how much I accomplished this past year, how can I not be excited for the year to come? How can I not dream big? There are things that were on my list that I didn’t reach. That’s ok.

I will still dream big.

I highly recommend doing a recap of your year. You may surprise yourself!

To come up with my list, I looked back through my day planner, filled with all my daily goals, wins, and gratitudes. I also highly recommend recording something each day you feel grateful for. It reinforces that feeling each day, regardless of how many of your to-do’s are crossed off. (Here’s my food-mood-gratitude journal)

As you look at your goals or intentions for the coming year (or 6 months if you prefer), I want to invite you to think a little differently. Let’s kick your healthy living goals into high gear. Let’s find that higher motivation. Let’s not just go on a diet Jan 1. Let’s power you up with nourishment and wellness.

Now is a great time to do (or re-do) your Declutter Checklist.

I have big goals for you and me this year. I think we can do great things together. The thing is, I need your support to make it happen. Despite all the effort and time I put in, posting videos, recipes, nutrition advice, creating new programs – the last 2 years have been pretty rough.

So what I would like to ask, as a favor, is if you could share something of my site with a friend or two who might find it helpful.

Thank you. SO. MUCH. I’m looking forward to a rockin year together.

P.S. What inspires me? You. xox h

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