Do You Share The Wealth Of Healthy Eating?

Do You Share The Wealth Of Healthy Eating?
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.


Keeping your mindset positive about healthy eating can be tough. Hanging out – in person or online – with like-minded people really helps keep you on track. And sharing your happiness and energy is the best way to show others the benefits of healthy eating.

Being a good example of what a healthy diet can do really speaks for itself, and is the best testimonial. It shows people the results without putting pressure on others or making them feel judged.

Sharing information is another great thing to do. Websites and books make it really easy, because you can just mention to someone that you found this great resource that they should check out. That way you’re learning together, rather then telling them what to do.

Something I’ve found is that when you can share information from different sources – so that it’s not always coming from your own mouth – it can have more impact.

No matter how right you are, sometimes it takes hearing it from another source or hearing it in slightly different words for it to hit home and really make sense.

Part of the reason I put together the Better Health Summit (which I’m so pumped is happening this weekend!!!) was to share the information and people that I’ve learned so much from in my own journey to health.

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And I would LOVE it if you shared that link with your friends and family and anyone you know interested in living a healthy life 🙂


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