17 (+1) Healthy Veggie Burger Recipes That Taste Totally Amazing

17 (+1) Healthy Veggie Burger Recipes That Taste Totally Amazing
Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

Happy July! The summer always seems to fly by, and we’re now in the heart of it. This week is both Canada Day (my favorite day of the year – July 1) and July 4th for the US celebration.

In honor of both, I’ve put together a list of some veggie burgers for you to try! Some do well on the grill, others not so much, but all are wonderful eaten outside on the grass watching fireworks.

Last year I put together a list of recipes to create an amazing vegan BBQ, all of which would go along perfectly with the burgers I’ve listed here.

Learning how to make veggie burgers is easier than you might think, so I’m including a lot of my recipes that are filmed for you to show you the steps and breakdown of various types of homemade veggie burgers.

I’m also including some of the best veggie burgers I’ve seen out around the web, because it’s always fun to try new ideas and see different approaches.

There’s also one example of a store-bought veggie burger that’s one of the only ones I’ve seen that’s totally healthy and vegan. It may or may not surprise you that many veggie burgers you get in a box or in a restaurant aren’t actually vegan. Often they use egg as a binder.

So – even more important to have all these excellent vegan burger recipes on hand, right?

Veggie Burger Recipes

  1. Portobello Mushrooms: These are one of my favorite things to grill on the BBQ. They’re really easy, and can be eaten just like a burger in a bun, or on its own. I love topping mine with guacamole, hummus and/or mango salsa.
  2. Hearty Mushroom Burgers: If you want to take mushrooms a step further and how to make veggie burgers, this is my favorite way to season them.
  3. High Protein Hemp Veggie Burger: I used buckwheat as the base here again, but gave these a protein boost and a whole lot of flavor with curry powder and smoked paprika.
  4. Spicy Black Bean Burgers: Ricki Heller made my black bean burger recipe, which are part of my online cooking course, and I LOVE her description of how her husband slowly got addicted to them.
  5. Vegan Fish Cakes, by Sistah Saute: I bought vegan fish cakes to have for Easter Sunday in Bermuda, and they were so tasty! Having never had a real fish cake, I had my friends taste test them. They said they weren’t exactly the same, but had a similar texture. I just liked them as burgers, and topped mine with a tahini-dill mayo-like spread. Delicious!
  6. Lentil-Walnut-Apple Burgers with Almonnaise, by Dreena Burton: These sound absolutely amazing!!! Dreena is the queen of veggie burgers, in my opinion. With 3 little girls and a husband to feed every night, I think she has mastered the art of both veggie burgers and cookies.
  7. Maple Dijon Veggie Burgers: I was inspired by the maple syrup that my friend makes, and decided to flavor a veggie burger with a bit of sweet maple syrup. These burgers have lots of rich flavors going on, and the maple worked in perfectly.
  8. Spicy Cajun Burger: My vegan burger recipe with cajun spices made it on the Huffington Post and One Green Planet as one of the 10 best veggie burger recipes to try for the summer.
  9. Curry-spiced Lentil Burgers: These are one of my most-viewed recipes on youtube, and one of the first successful veggie burger recipes I created. I’d made so many variations, that I finally combined what I felt worked from a few recipes and came up with this one!
  10. Quinoa Basil Bean Burgers, by Kristina at Spabettie: With basil exploding in gardens everywhere, what better way to use it than in a burger! There’s also a recipe for homemade vegan basil aioli to go with them – yum!
  11. Quick and Tasty Veggie Burger Recipe: I made this tasty vegan burger seasoned with Italian herbs, while showing tips on how to save time in the process!
  12. Meaty Eggplant Burgers, by Ricki Heller: Veggie burgers can be a bit tricky to BBQ because they don’t always hold together, but these work by baking them before grilling.
  13. Breakfast Sausage Patties, by Ricki Heller: I made these patties for lunch, and found them to work perfectly as a veggie burger! These burgers were what changed my mind about sage – I always thought I hated sage, but I think I just hadn’t had it in the right combination of flavors before.
  14. Sushi Veggie Sliders, by Kristina at Spabettie: This is such interesting idea and I love the addition of peanut butter!
  15. High-protein Hemp Veggie Burgers: My newest burger, made for a friend and her son who were job shadowing, is gluten-free and high in protein, and seasoned to perfection with curry powder and smoked paprika.
  16. Herbed Sweet Potato Burger: These are really simple and tasty, based on sweet potatoes and rolled oats.
  17. Minted Beet-Millet Burgers: These taste divine with fresh mint, that comes in season in the early summer.
  18. Sunshine Burger Grilled Summer Salad: If you want a store-bought option for a whole foods organic vegan burger, there really weren’t any options till just recently. My friend JL has discovered these amazing Sunshine Burgers, which are made exactly as I would make them at home, and has created a delicious summer salad and creamy apricot dressing to enjoy them.

Ok – so what kind of veggie burger recipe would you like to see me make next? Let me know below!

And Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends!!!


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